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MicroMotion use0404

Micro Motion Mouse Control

Input 7 to 15 volts AC or DC

Output to motors 0.75 Amps per coil. 1.5 Amps per unipolar motor with 2 coils energized.

Uses 32 diodes to protect drivers from back EMF.

The translator / driver chips are rated at 750 mA per coil or 0.75 Amp.

The minimum Resistance for 24 Volt motor is 32 ohms,
for 12 Volts is 16 ohms, for 5 Volts is 6.66 ohms per coil.
You can put 10 ohm, 10 watt resistors in the V+ motor wires to reduce the current. More Amps = more power but more heat. If you donít need the power, it is best to use motors with higher resistance coils.
Using a 12 Volt battery on this unit connected to the 24 volt motors of a printer carriage with 40 ohm coils, it moves the head and platen smoothly at a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio and as fast as the printer would at 0.3 Amps.
4 connectors are included and 26 terminals. (2 extra)

When designing your device, donít concern yourself about direction. That is easily reversed by just turning the connector over.

Learn all about stepper motors at

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