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Micro Motion Mouse Control

Launch any Windows paint program and sign your name on a page with the pen tool and your mouse. Now imagine trying to do that with a joystick. In your case, you might be moving the page instead of the pen but it will feel so natural that the user wouldn’t know the difference. This picture of handwriting on a printer carriage is using a combination. It is moving the pen horizontally but is moving the paper vertically.

Printer freehand

   We are currently working with the company that makes this electrophysiology stage for microscopes. The finest resolution is 1 micron. 1 mm of mouse movement equals 1 micron of stage movement. I can’t imagine better control than that and would only be used for final positioning except maybe in pan / travel mode. The next phase will be controlling the micro manipulators that place electrodes on single biological cells and tissues to study their electrical properties.


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