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Micro Motion Mouse Control

Freehand control of an X Y Z & X axis using a computer mouse without the computer. Using the same precision incremental stepping motors that your printer uses to put each pixel in exactly the right place. This PS/2 mouse to motor interface will run 4 unipolar or bipolar stepper motors, 2 at a time and not tie up your computer. There is a micro computer inside. Like those first laptops that used a little joystick to move the cursor, you have much more control and coordination with a mouse. This is for precision positioning.

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With 2 speeds, moving the mouse 1 MM rotates the motor 1 full step or half step. The default is half step at 2:1 ratio. You can change speeds on the fly with just an extra mouse click.
This unit connected to the motors of a printer carriage moves the head and platen smoothly at a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio and as fast as the printer would

Now with a Pan or Travel mode. Just hold the middle button (or wheel) with the left or right button and it keeps moving. You just steer it with the mouse.

   A 200 step motor coupled directly to a micrometer spindle would move your device 0.0000625 per MM of mouse movement. Gear ratios can reduce that to Nano positioning.

If you dont need 4 outputs, just use what you need.
Using a bank of switches you can control as many cameras as you like including zoom with one mouse.

Some uses include: 
Position microscope stages and micro manipulators.
Aim lasers and telescopes. 
Place the smallest of surface mount components. 
i.e. : left button X & Y, right button Z & rotate. 
Nano assembly? 
Cutting diamonds. 
Touch up circuit boards, film and microfilm. 
Micro machining and polishing. 
Micro and nano surgery. 
Manipulate radioactive or hazardous materials. 
Aim or position police robot tools for rescue or bomb search & disposal. 
Manipulate specimens for bright light inspection. 
Many things on a larger scale like laser or plasma cutting and welding.

Micro Motion Mouse Control   $195.00 + $5.00 S&H
Programmed Processor             $ 11.95 + $3.00 S&H
100 or more Programmed Processors  $3.65 each + Shipping

 To purchase a Micro Motion Mouse Control or Programmed Processor or for question or technical support E-Mail DNARobotics@aol.com. Put something relevant in the subject space to get past the Spam filter.

We may be able to design and build / manufacture whatever device you have in mind.

Do not use this product in any application where a malfunction could result in personal injury or property damage without express written approval. Liability is limited to replacement cost of this unit.
Allegro products are not authorized for use as critical components
in life-support devices or systems without express written approval.

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